SAP AMC Services

AMC Services

The AMC Model includes Off-Shore, On-Site and On-Demand in Industry practices. Arbhasoft provide all Support Models in domestic and aboard. 

Arbhasoft will allocate an SAP Project Team, specifically for multiple / Individual Customer and the project team. 

Which will consist of:

Project manager, Functional Lead, Technical Lead, Basis Lead and Consultants.

Functional and Technical leads assess the support issues and provides required solutions to users for all complex issues where consultant could not find suitable solution.

Leads to interact with users for any requirement and then understanding and visit Customer for meetings whenever required.

The whole project is being monitored & managed by a Project Manager to ensure customer gets the Support in such a way that the Business is not hampered, it improves the Business Operation's and increases the effectiveness of the IT usage.

Arbhasoft will lead to audit all the work which is completed as a Quality Inspection before releasing the work to customer and we will also make it sure that the documentations for the Configuration changes as follows:

  • Technical document.
  • Configuration document.
  • Test Case document.
  • UAT document.
  • Risk/ Impact assessment document.
  • SAP Transports will not be approved to Production Without the above documents.
  • In order to handle the support very efficiently Arbhasoft uses Support Desk Tool.
  • Each Support Messages are Categories as below:
  • User Access & Authorization
  • Change Request- FRICEW
  • New Development
  • Problem (System & Application Error)
Cost Reduction

It is a proven fact now, that any Customer can easily reduce their Operational Cost by outsourcing the Support Functions to any third-party vendor instead of handling it on their own.

Your SAP Team's wages will get increased every year as part of appraisal, which leads to increase in IT budget every year.

No separate allowances to be paid for third party Consultants & there is no reimbursement.